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Private Ezra Osborn
Illinois 93rd Infantry, Company C.
Born in Bedford Co, PA.
Notes from Civil War Pension Papers, Certificate No. 33409

Transcribed and Submitted by: Emily Jordon
1862, Aug 15

Ezra enrolled at Buda, IL, as Private in Co. C, 93rd IL Infantry

1863, May 16

At Champion Hill, Missouri, received gunshot wound which fractured both the Tibia and Fibula of his right leg making him totally disabled  for service and permanently injured as a man.

1864, May 16

Certificate of Disability for Discharge. Ezra, age 24, 5 feet 7 ½ inches, dark complexion, dark eyes, dark hair, a farmer. Had been unfit for duty for 60 days.

1864, May 27

Honorably Discharged at Quincy, IL

1864,July 13

Declaration for Invalid Pension. Bureau Co., IL Ezra, aged 25, a resident of Macon, Bureau Co, IL. Captain Wm. J. Brown was his commander. Volunteered at Wyanet, Bureau Co, IL. Enrolled for 3 years. Allen Horton witnessed this document.

1864, Oct 13

Pension of $8 per month began

1867, Oct 13

Ezra & Sarah Kegarice were married at Buda  by Elder Isaac E. Boyer, minister of the Gospel.  Neither had been previously married.  Certificate enclosed.

1873, Sep 4 Surgeon’s Certificate. Princeton, Bureau Co, IL. Height 5 ft 7 ½ in, 150 pounds age 34, dark complexion.  C. C. Latimer, M.D.

1873, Sep 15

Declaration for Increase of Invalid Pension filed. Currentlyreceiving $6/month. Appointed attorney C. E. Weeden to prosecute Ezra’sresidence is Macon Twp, Bureau Co, Illinois & his post office addressis Buda, Illinois. Thiswas witnessed by his father Benjamin Osborn and Jesse Emerson.

1874, Jan 17

letter from the Treasury Dept… a copy of the certificate of examination is herewithenclosed,  which shows that his pension was reduced in Sept 1865, from March 1865, to $6.00

1889, June

Application for Re-rating, Arrears and Increase of Pension filed from Iowa. Currently receiving $8/month.

1890, Mar 26

Resident of Creston, Ia Pension of $8/month. Height 5’7 ½ ", 150 pounds, 50 yrs old

1898, July 4

Ezra’s replies to the Dept. of the Interior: 1)  Are you married?  If so, please state your wife’s full name and her maiden name. Yes  Sallie Osborn, Sallie Kagarice 2)  When, where, and by whom were you married? Oct 13th 1867, Buda, Ills by Rev. I. E. Boyer 3)  What record of marriage exists? Marriage Certificate and County Record 4)    Were you previously married? No former marriage  5)  Have you children living?  If so, please state their names and the dates of their birth. Yes, 2: Arva Osborn born Feb. 1st 1869 MaggieOsborn Born Feb 29th 1872

1901 Nov 9

Declaration for Increase of Invalid Pension filed. Ezra age 62, receiving $14/month. Appointed E.S. Weeden, a Chicago attorney to prosecute his claim.

1902, Apr 2

Surgeon’s Certificate. Receiving $14/month. Ezra age 62, height 5’7”; 145 pounds, dark complexion, hazel eyes, grey hair, a farmer. Dr. J. D. Claybaugh

1904, Apr 4

Ezra received $14 pension payment

1904, April 13

Ezra died at Creston, IA. He had no minor children (under 16)

1904, May 14

Declaration For Widow’s Pension. From Union Co., IA. Mrs. Sallie Osborn, age 56, a resident of Creston.

1904, July 14

Letter from Sallie, age 56, to the Pension Office she is a widow of the deceased and is entitled to 1/3 of the property of her deceased husband. He died seized of the East ½ of the southeast ¼ of Sec. 26, Twp. 72, R. 31, Iowa except 1 acre, conservatively worth $4000… that she could probably get $3 rent per acre on it. She has no other means of income except what her children give her.

1904, July 28 Ezra had no life insurance that would benefit his wife;  he was not a member of any lodge or fraternal order. He died intestate. Sallie’s address: 304 North Walnut Street, Creston, Iowa.

1915, Apr 4

Sallie Osborn received pension payment of $12

1915, Apr 27

Sallie Osborn died

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